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Complete Pet Flight Policy For Delta Airlines

Nothing gives as much comfort as a pet with you all the time. These days, all places have been made pet friendly as animals are getting more closely integrated with our lives. The data speaks for itself-around 85 million or 68 percent of United States population owns a pet, which is a whooping number. Pets are also to be found travelling with the owners, shopping, and going out everywhere a human would accompany the owners otherwise. But the major challenge is travelling with a pet on flight. Almost all major airlines in the US allow you to do so, but it comes with many terms and conditions. Let’s talk about the pet flight policy for Delta Airlines hence.

Questions On Pet Policy for Delta Airlines to Guide You Through

Here are all the essential queries you need to know before flying away with your pet!

#1. Can I Fly with A Pet On Delta Airlines?

The allowed pets that enjoy Delta are those in cabin travel – dogs, cats and household birds. It excludes snub nosed breeds, which are obviously not accepted by Delta Pet Policy. The pets in cabin must be small enough to fit in a pet carrier and be kept under your seat, comfortably and naturally.

#2. Can I Buy A Seat for A Pet On Delta Airlines?

No, you can’t buy a seat for a pet on Delta airlines. Rather reservation is required and pets are carried only under the seat in-front of you in the cabin.

#3. How Many Pets Are Allowed On A Flight?

There is no limit to the number of pets a Delta airline
flight can carry. A maximum of 6 pets per flight are allowed, the limit per
paying passenger being one. It is required to check-in the pets at ticket
counter, irrespective of customer checking in at curb side, airport kiosk,
online or even the ticket counter.

#4. How to Carry Pets As Checked Baggage On Delta Airlines Flight?

As per the pet flight policy for Delta Airlines, for transporting your pet as checked baggage, there must use an approved shipping kennel. Even, shipping has to be in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines. Your kennel should have enough room for the pet to stand and sit erect. But its head must not touch the top. There should also be enough space for the pet to turn around and lie down in its natural position.

Kennels are available for sale. These Kennels are available for booked
Delta passengers and shippers. For the same, check with the local cargo
facility but well in advance of your travel date.

#5. Is There Any Special Provision for Military Pet Travel?

Military members and U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officers are offered special provision for travelling with pet. They can check their pets as baggage (when travelling in active transfer orders). This incurs some fee. Traveller or their spouse must book their pets as checked baggage. This has to be done at least 48 hours before arrival. But the pets
must comply with federal regulations, including proper documentation. The
documentation must be based on current policies and procedures.

#6. Which Animals are Allowed for Military Travel?

Cats, dogs, birds, domestic Guinea pigs, Rabbits and hamsters are allowed. But reptiles and primates must be
shipped as a cargo (including lemurs, monkeys, Orang-utans, gorillas and chimpanzees) as per Delta pet flight policy.

#7. How Much Does It Cost to Fly with A Pet On A Delta Airline Flight? Are Reservations for Pets Required?

Yes, pet travelling are subject to fees according to pet travel policy Delta airlines. The fees for taking your pet in the cabin vary. Example- flights to/from the U.S.A, Canada, and Puerto Rico charge a pet fee of $125; Virgin Islands and outside the U.S. is charged at a rate of $200; and Brazil costs fee of $75. To list down:

  • U.S./Canada: $125 USD/CAD
  • Virgin Islands: $200 USD/CAD
  • Puerto Rico: $125 USD/CAD
  • Outside the U.S.: $200 USD/CAD/EUR
  • Brazil: $75 USD

#8. How to Carry A Pet Safely & Uninterrupted On Delta Airlines?

Carrying a pet raises question of health and hygiene the most. Delta airlines help transport pets in two ways- through carrier in cargo and with the passenger on flight. When you wish to ship your pet in a cargo, a health certificate is required. But for pets travelling in cabin, no health certificate is required.

#9. What Are the Route Restrictions for Pet Carrying Policy of Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines will not transport pets in the cabin to or from the following list of destinations: Australia, Barbados, Dakar, Dubai, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. For rest of the locations, the policy and the fees is mentioned above. To notify, service animals can only travel in the cabin to or from South Africa, Hong Kong or the United Kingdom.

#10. Is There Any Special Provision or Policy for Service & Emotional Animals?

Service animals have special policies. They are permitted to travel in the cabin with their disabled passenger that too without charge. For availing this, the passengers should provide notice to the airline at least 48 hours ahead of travelling.  But only one ESA per passenger is allowed on Delta airlines. Delta thus complies with the Air Carrier Access Act by allowing passengers traveling with emotional support animals (ESA) or psychiatric service animals. There is a regulation that puppies and kittens under 4 months of age will not be accepted as service or emotional support animals.

Required Forms for Carrying ESA and service animals

For carrying ESA and service animals as per pet flight policy for delta airline, following forms are required:

Veterinary Health forms and Immunization Records, signed letters from a licensed doctor or mental health professional and signed certification of training. Some other documents are a signed Confirmation of Training form attesting to their service or emotional support animal’s expected good behavior.

If you have any more queries, you can always call the helpline number for Delta airlines, to ensure a hassle free journey. You can as well refer to official website of Delta airlines for more detailed and specific information on pet policies.

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